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Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jesse Alexander not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. A master indoor

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cycling instructor at Flywheel Sports, Jesse has lost over 70 lbs and transformed his body, mind and life into perfection that people line up to ride with and learn from. After studying at The Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, Jesse had a successful career as a massage therapist for over 11 years, which armed him with an in depth understanding of the human body and exercise physiology. Jesse’s classes are challenging, full of positivity and always fun! His motto is “make it sexy, keep it sexy” and it shows when you see the following of devotees he has developed. When Jesse isn’t whipping NYC into shape, he is spending time with his wife and daughter.

A sit down with Jesse:

What do you eat for breakfast?

In the past few months I’ve cut out dairy and gluten-so I’m always eating a ton of protein. Egg whites, vegetables or oatmeal are my main breakfast meals. And of course coffee with almond milk.

What is your daily exercise routine?

I teach 13 times a week. I don’t usually ride throughout the class, so that I can give individual attention to my riders. I take two classes a week at the fhitting room, which is a HIT boutique fitness studio. I also goto Barry’s Bootcamp a few times a week and ride at Flywheel twice a week.. The key to getting and staying in shape is to never let your body get comfortable- you gotta mix it up.

What is the secret to weight loss?

For me changing my diet along with my exercise routine did the trick. Junk food and sugar are killers and they had to go. Knowing what to eat and when to eat it is a big part of it too. Indoor cycling and weights (building lean muscle mass) really helped me to drop the weight fast. Recently cutting out dairy and gluten really got my body to the next level.

Favorite quote?

“Change your body, change your life.”

Most proud of body part?

My Biceps. Not easily achieved. Constant push-ups which also work my chest/back and triceps.

Spring is in the air and with April in full force we look forward to Earth day and all things green! The color green represents abundance, growth, balance and prosperity. The color green is also said to create equilibrium between the head and the heart. When we think of green we think natural, alive and fresh!

Fitness Magazine recently reported on a study done with cyclists. The cyclists were shown two videos. One was of natural/green imagery and the other was the same video but shown thru a red or gray filter. All the cyclists said they felt the workout was easier when they were viewing the green video! . Experts say that viewing the color green can enhance your mood and emotions. Look around and see the green trend, it is everywhere! From the green juice movement to succulents to all the new green hues of nail polish to Lululemon’s new spring colors! Buy yourself a new green running bra or adorable head band and get happy! Send us your pictures of anything green you wear to pump you up!


Another hero has fallen from grace. Just this morning Lance Armstrong was stripped of another title, another medal, by the IOC. I along with millions of people am extremely disappointed and saddened by his lies and overall intent to deceive. I am also very excited to watch his interview on Oprah tonight. It is difficult for me to overlook the amazing work and charity he has done with cancer and LIVESTRONG. I want to believe there are two versions of Lance Armstrong, the ‘good’ one that is a beautiful humanitarian and the ‘complicated’ one, that fell into the machine/world of doping and black listed and threatened so many people around him. How could a man who has committed so many kind acts do something so sinister and dishonest?

What is doping exactly? Doping in sports is considered the use of any performance enhancing drug or procedure (blood transfusions) that give the athlete an unfair advantage. There are numerous types of hormones and drugs that fall under the category of doping. The following are the main ones that Lance Armstrong is being accused of taking.

EPO- increases the number of red blood cells in the athletes circulatory system.  This drug can be administered through and IV in what is called “micro-dosing”, as to not be detected during routine urine screenings.

  • Blood Transfusions-this is where the athlete’s blood is drawn and then re-infused a few hours before a race. By re-infusing blood, the red blood cells are carrying more oxygen. This helps the athlete to recover more quickly during competition. There is really no way to test for this, but many teammates testified seeing Armstrong participate in this on numerous occasions.
  • HGH- Human growth hormone is used to increase lean muscle mass, aid in weight loss, increase strength and help with recovery.
  • Cortisone- can increase recovery and is said to give a burst/high of energy.

The world will sit and wait for the interview that will set the record straight tonight. But, what is the worst part of this whole thing? The fact that he took the drugs or that he lied? And maybe we should let all athletes take enhancing drugs, at least they will all be on an equal playing field.  What are your thoughts?