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You may have never heard of Perioral Dermatitis, but it affects mainly women (90% in most cases) and can be very stubborn and tricky to treat. I developed it this past spring and suffered for a few months. The culprit in my case was a mix between my concealer and then ‘self-treatment’ with organic oil. I love and continue to use both of these products, just not on my problematic area. I did not want to take a course of antibiotics so I tried the natural route, apple cider vinegar. Not only is apple cider vinegar anti-itch, it also helps to dry the skin up a bit. I was willing to deal with a little flaky skin in order to not have to take antibiotics. I refrained from using my concealer along with foundation around my nose until I was completely cleared up. The entire process took about three months and every once and awhile it still flares up. Knowing what to look for and how to treat can save a lot of time and uncomfortable side effects. Of course you should always see your Dermatologist before diagnosing or treating yourself.


What is Perioral Dermatitis?

  • Rash around the mouth area but can also present around the nose, eyes, forehead and chin
  • Red rash and bumps that can look similar to acne

What are the causes?

  • When self-diagnosed–the use of steroid cream can cause or worsen(MAIN cause)
  • Makeup (usually foundation or concealer)
  • Toothpaste (fluoride)
  • Allergens (soap, detergent, topical medications such as steroids/cortisone)
  • Hormones

What are the symptoms?

  • Red bumpy rash (may appear as a little breakout)
  • Burning or itching sensation
  • Dry and flaky raw skin

What are treatment options?

  • Immediately stop applying everything to the skin (no makeup, products etc.)
  • One at a time reintroduce products/makeup but stay away from the rash area until clear
  • A round of antibiotics (most common treatment)- 6-12 weeks
  • Apple cider vinegar (DIY/natural) + cool compress