The skin is our largest organ measuring roughly 22 square feet. We treat our facial skin daily, which is roughly only 5% of our total skin. Facial skin is much thinner and so much more delicate than the skin on the body.  Body skin, which is bombarded with an onslaught of daily environmental aggressors requires, and deserves, a different set of products to achieve proper overall skin health and prevent signs of premature aging. 


Face your BODY with our NEW! High-performance two-piece Body Collection. It is all about skin fitness. Keeping your skin healthy and fit is paramount to our brand philosophy and that includes the skin on your body. The skin is our largest organ, so treat the body you’re in with GOLDFADEN MD’s BODYCARE COLLECTION.

This supercharged duo was developed to exfoliate, polish, refine and treat to keep skin looking vibrant and healthy while helping to prevent signs of premature aging. 

“Body care has become an afterthought as many of us rush through it with endless options of no-name products and time-consuming in-office procedures, or completely neglect it altogether,” says Lisa Goldfaden, co-founder of Goldfaden MD. “My father, Dr. Gary Goldfaden, has been treating patients, full-body, for decades. As we continue to be at the forefront of product innovation, we felt it was crucial to create an easy to use body collection.”

Harnessing the brand’s proprietary “body complex,” This duo of high-performance products was designed to target key concerns, such as sagging skin, uneven texture and tone, cellulite, sun damage, dehydration, dull lifeless skin, scaly skin and loss of elasticity. These products will help to firm, smooth, hydrate and revitalize skin from the neck down. After all, Goldfaden MD is a “firm believer” that skincare means caring for ALL your skin—not just the skin on your face.

Introducing BODYCARE by Goldfaden MD 

Doctor’s Body  ScrubDermabrasion

The body version of our cult classic and award-winning Doctor’s Scrub.

Polish away dead surface skin and infuse hydration, vitamins, and nutrients back into your body to reveal smoother, radiant, healthier-looking skin. This multi-active scrub features micro-fine exfoliating crystals, skin-softening Bamboo Extract, skin-brightening Fruit Enzymes, soothing Probiotic-fermented Extract, and antioxidant-rich Red Algae.

Firm Believer Body Contouring Serum

Get Lifted with Dr. Goldfaden’s FIRM BELIEVER Body Contouring Serum.

This concentrated skin tightening body serum is formulated to sculpt, smooth, renew dull skin, and help firm trouble areas on the body. Supercharged with elasticity-enhancing radish root extract, softening marula oil, hyaluronic acid and circulation-boosting coffee & gotu kola extracts, it will sculpt, smooth, and tone your skin in one easy swipe.

Thankfully and at all, consumers are growing more aware of and curious about the effects of certain ingredients going onto and into our bodies. Sure, you likely press fresh OJ to boost your immunity during flu season. And yes, we do want certain ingredients—such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, and our other favorite actives—to penetrate the skin, or else we wouldn’t use them.

However, the unfortunate fact is that many unwanted aggressors find their way into our bodies via the skin. This journey can take place through environmental pollutants, a variety of lifestyle factors, and often through the products adorning our bathroom shelves.

Fast Facts on Skin and Body Care

The skin is your body’s largest organ, and special care must be taken to adequately protect it. Since different studies show that your skin can absorb up to 60% of the products you apply, it’s important to know which formulas promote both skin health and overall wellness. Even further, it’s essential to be fully aware of which ingredients you should avoid to prevent disturbances and adverse reactions.

According to a survey by the Environmental Working Group, people use an average of nine topical products daily containing 126 unique ingredients. A quarter of women use upward of 15 products, thus significantly increasing the chemical tally. Next, a 2003 study shows that risky substances can seep into your skin barrier and potentially lead to irritation, inflammation, sensitivities, and greater health risks such as hormonal disruptions and chronic illness. Simply put, even a basic skin and body care routine harness the potential to impact your health.


Skin and Absorption

It’s challenging to definitively pin down exactly how much of specific products—and which products at that—can absorb into your bloodstream and thus pose potential risks.

First, each body is different. Absorption levels will vary based on the health and integrity of your skin, which body parts (and their surface area) are exposed to application, and the length of time (daily and long-term) you used certain products.

Next, regarding products and ingredients, different factors come into play. In terms of formulation, the chemical size will be a key determinant. It’s more challenging for larger molecules to penetrate your skin’s protective layers, while smaller molecules have an easier time seeping through. Additionally, absorption will depend on the strength and amount of chemicals in a given product. You’ll know that a certain substance will be more potent if it’s high on the ingredient list (typically within the first five listings), or if the concentration percentage is above average.

How to Protect the Health of Your Skin and Body

The best way to prevent potentially (and proven) toxic ingredients from absorbing into your system is to be an active, educated consumer. To start, do research on the best and worst ingredients for skincare. However, you can’t take everything at face value; be sure to look to the sources and studies behind certain information. It’ll take time and effort, but your health and skin are well worth it.

Looking at the standards set by the EU is a great starting point. They’re much more stringent than the limits in place in the US; over 1,300 chemicals are banned across the pond, while the US has outlawed 11 and restricted not a great deal more.

In addition to avoiding disruptive culprits, swap them for clean skincare products backed by science and research. You can go beyond marketing claims by looking into a given brand’s story as well as its products’ ingredient list. The best skincare and bodycare brands will take care to educate their consumers not only on their offerings but healthy living at large.

At the end of the day, your strongest line of defense will be a healthy skin barrier, which you can maintain by using clean products that reduce inflammation, boost collagen, and replenish hydration and moisture levels.

Author Bio:
Michele Ross is a beauty and lifestyle writer based in Los Angeles. She’s passionate about clean skincare and hiking in the California sunshine (with adequate SPF, of course).


EWG on Skin Deep + stats

Cosmetic ingredients do not remain on the surface of the skin. They are designed to penetrate, and they do. Scientists have found many common cosmetic ingredients in human tissues, including phthalates in urine, preservatives called parabens in breast tumor tissue and persistent fragrance components in human fat. Do the concentrations at which they are typically found pose risks? For the most part, those studies have not been done. But a small but growing number of studies serve as scientific red flags (Swan 2005, Sathyanarayana 2008, Swan 2010).


Meet Sylwia Wiesenberg. An inner and outer health & beauty guru who is embarking on a mission to create skincare for your most overlooked body part: your butt. Sylwia was born in Poland, and has traveled and lived all over the world. She’s pursued many adventures and careers, and eventually landed in New York City. Sylwia’s fascination with butts came from her early days as a gymnast and an athlete. She experienced and saw the strength, power, and beauty of the booty. Sylwia knows the butt to be an incredible muscle, and has seen first hand that it can also be a motivator and an extension of personality and sensuality, which she thinks is pretty awesome. She believes every butt has its own individuality and uniqueness and should be celebrated, helping each and every body feel confident in their own skin.

Sylwia is also the founder of DOPE Naturally (a wellness product brand) and Tonique Fitness (a fitness brand).

What lead you to start BAWDY?

It was my passion for, and really my obsession with, butts and my overall love for the uniqueness in beauty and strength of a human body, that lead to the creation of BAWDY. That, and the fact that the beauty industry offered absolutely nothing for butt beauty other than offering anti- cellulite and anti-stretch marks creams that create insecurities in women, shaming them for apparently being imperfect. I believe beauty is about having fun and is is about celebrating individuality in a fun and unapologetic way. That is why I decided to launch BAWDY.

If you could explain BAWDY

BAWDY is unapologetic, individual, unique and always a leading edge clean beauty brand.

BAWDY is a way of being free, expressing yourself and your sexuality, loving your body and loving yourself. It provides the opportunity to be sensual, and give you g the opportunity to touch and feel yourself.

BAWDY also stands for responsibility, delivering the highest quality ingredients that are safe for you and Mother Earth. Later this year I will begin introducing advances in sustainability in both new product releases and packaging.

Do you strive to inspire others through BAWDY?

Of course, it is my goal! I want others to be unapologetically themselves. What matters in life is honesty, realness and raw, authentic beauty and BAWDY stands behind it. Beauty is supposed to make you feel good and smile because you do it for yourself not to please others.

What is your favorite part of working in the beauty industry? What is your least favorite?

There are so many favorite parts! I would say creating and developing. I view it like creating art. You engage with a certain medium and start creating the piece. I could create new products daily. One of my most favorite parts of this creation is working with ingredients. I love to cook, and to forage for ingredients daily at local farmers markets; always searching for the next unique find. It is the same with formulating new products.

I love when an idea pops into my head and then I search for the ingredients to make it possible. It is good platform to apply your creativity and see far can you go to fill the gap.

One thing that I dislike is old school beauty. it is something that drives me to work even harder; to change some of the narrow-minded, old established parts of the industry.

What is the best piece of advice that anyone has ever given you?

Create and never be afraid of your dreams and failures … there is absolutely nothing to lose in trying new things, and failure is a huge part of success.

What is your goal through BAWDY?

Provide more than just clean beauty, be a responsible brand that always delivers a fun experience to the customer – a brand that is already changing the beauty industry by allowing people to take care of other parts of their bodies. I now see other independent brands introducing butt beauty, but in a cautious way, almost afraid to discuss their own products – that it is taboo just to talk! I want to talk about it!

Eventually, I would like to use my success in BAWDY to seed others and help them to achieve their dreams.

What is your favorite indulgence?

Ice cream and lingerie

When it comes to your beauty routine, what is one item you can not live without?

Movement! My daily two hour session of TONIQUE, and of course my CBD butt balm…and to complete the look, a great red lipstick

Beyond BAWDY, are there any mantras or rituals that help ground you when things get overwhelming?

Tonique method ( my daily very long meditation! )


How do you like to wind down and make sure you’re taking care of yourself?

Stop looking at my phone – Tonique, surf and horseback riding…and sex; but not all at the same time hahah