Th Daily Scrub is so happy to introduce our feautred guest blogger this week, Nicole Dantzler, from Lipstick and Luxury! We are so honored to have her cover her top picks on staying beautiful this holiday season! Thank you, Nicole!


We are well into the holiday season filled with lots of family gatherings, office parties and festivities. The season can literally leave us drained and not just of your holiday spirit! Exhaustion around the holiday season is common. But with a few tips, you can make it though the season looking and feeling your best. And your guests will appreciate it too!

Dry skin can make us look tired and older than we really are. So it’s important to exfoliate our skin so that we can gently remove the dead skin to reveal a more polished and youthful looking skin underneath. One of my favorite, more glamorous scrubs is the GOLDFADEN MD Doctor’s Scrub which contains Ruby Crystals and is almost as effective as microdermabrasion. I don’t just use this scrub on my face, I love it on my legs, its leaves them glowing!

Nail Art is perfect for the holiday season and even if you’re not a fan of this huge trend you can still join in the fun. If nail art is not something that fits your style then perhaps a nice glittery shade might suit your tastes a bit more. A fun shade like Scallywag from Butter London is the perfect way to add a pop of festive color.

Bronzer is not just for the summer. During the winter months your skin begins to lose that warm summer glow but there are safer alternatives like bronzers. For some simple winter shimmer that won’t leave you feeling like you spent the weekend at the Jersey Shore, I love Stila’s One Step Bronzer, its primer, moisturizer and bronzer all in one and it delivers just enough shimmer for a sun-kissed glow.

Water not only keeps you hydrated but it keeps your skin nourished and supple. Since some of us (like me!) tend to indulge a bit more during the holidays, it’s the perfect time to drink a little more water. Not only does water assists in removing harmful toxins from our body but it also gives us a much needed energy boost which is what everyone needs around the holidays.

With just a few simple tips, you can maintain your holiday beautiful. What steps do you take to stay glamorous during the holiday season?

About Nicole and Lipstick and Luxury:

Lipstick and Luxury is my journey to finding the right beauty products while nourishing my body and soul. To me beauty should be equal parts great beauty products and great nutrition. I love mixing natural beauty tips with good nutrition and great beauty products to take the best care of myself possible. Lipstick and Luxury focuses on products that are natural, organic and cruelty-free! I think that every woman should Live Life Luxuriously! Join Nicole’s virtual friendship and follow her today on Twitter @LipstickNYC, Facebook and Pinterest!


Fall has arrived with winter quick on its heels. During the colder months skin can start to look pale, lackluster and dull. This does not mean it is time to run off the Bahamas or to your local tanning bed to try an attain that “healthy” glow.  Sun damage can last a lifetime so why not try the natural approach?

Getting glowing skin is easy thru exfoliation. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, improves the appearance of fine lines, reduces pore size, and leaves healthy, radiant skin. Cult favorite and Kate Hudson’s, DOCTOR’S SCRUB, is the answer to glowing skin. Dr. Goldfaden’s coveted exfoliator contains powerful ruby crystals that provide immediate cell renewal by polishing away dead surface cells, leaving skin brighter, clearer and younger-looking. Formulated with line-filling Hyaluronic Acid to deliver long-lasting hydration while nourishing Seaweed and Organic Red Tea Extract provide antioxidant protection. BOOYA! And we didn’t stop there…

During the rebrand of GOLDFADEN MD, we were adamant about creating a product that would brighten uneven skin tone and give an overall luminous glow. Thus, VITAL BOOST was born. VITAL BOOST contains skin boosting and rejuvenating Vitamin D  to maximizes the skin’s immunity, provide powerful antioxidant protection, improve elasticity and promote a more youthful complexion. Brightening skin agent, Indian Gooseberry, leaves skin looking dewy, radiant and flawless. I love this moisturizer because it goes on silky smooth and dries matte, leaving the slightest hint of a highlight.  Your skin will look fresh and radiant.

To give your glowing, hydrated complexion that extra kick, try a bronzer or highlighter (NOT the tanning bed). My top four bronzer picks for the season are Burberry Warm Glow in Nude Glow No.3 , which gives the illusion that you’ve just spent the afternoon lounging on the beeches of Greece. Armani Sheer Bronzer provides a sheer, natural color for those less daring. BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector, adds an iridescence(I cannot get enough of this product). And as always Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick in Bronze makes you look like an ethereal sun kissed goddess!