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The Daily Scrub is so happy to introduce Kailey Konow, the gorgeous editor and founder of the popular Pretty and PinKK blog! The Holiday season brings so much happiness and a lot of dinners, parties and fun. Weather you are on the go every night or once a week, we all need a few extra beauty tips during the overload of the holidays. Pretty and PinKK reports on the DO’s + DON’T’s for beauty this season!

By, Kailey Konow, Owner & Editor Pretty and PinKK Beauty Blog

The holidays are my favorite time of year. The streets are dressed up with special once-a-year décor, stores are enveloped with mouth-watering scents, houses dazzle with pretty lights all-a-glow, and the ground glistens with a fresh blanket of snow.  If you can ignore the long lines, the now more-than-occasional rudeness and the sweat on your brow from going in and out of overheated shops, then you can really appreciate the beauty of the season.

The beauty world is no different. Everyone seems to up their game a bit. Bright and colorful packaging from your favorite brands; gorgeous window displays featuring seasonal kits you “have to have”; and even daring makeup looks from that girl next door who never wears makeup, holidays are a time to play. So what’s my idea of holiday beautiful? Sparkle! The holidays give you this freedom to add a little of this or a dash of that– sort of a license to sparkle, if you will.

Here are my DO’s and DON’Ts for that beautiful, sparkly holiday look:

DO opt for shimmer not glitter on your face. Big chunks of glitter can look obvious or immature. Stay sweet with shimmer.

DON’T go overboard. From sparkly nail polish to twinkly eye shadow, you could literally glow from head to toe! Pick one or two features to highlight and keep the rest neutral or matte. For example, if you shimmer your eyes, keep your lips matte.

DO go for glitter or shimmer nail polish. Nails are the one acceptable place to have some fun!

DON’T think you’re too old to pull off some sparkle in your life. Apply in areas with few lines or wrinkles so the shimmer won’t draw attention to them. Shimmer eyeliners and cheek highlighter are great options for any age.

DO stay away from shimmer liquids for eyes and face. These can often apply unevenly if you’re not a pro. Sweeps of shimmer powders are more subtle, buildable and much easier to control.

DON’T sweep or brush on sparkle eye shadow.  This can literally make it spread all over your face. Instead, pat it on to keep a controlled sparkly eye (and don’t forget that eye primer so your hard work lasts!).

DO remove sparkly makeup with a cotton round, some baby power and hairspray. Sound funny? Well, it works well to help remove most of the sparkle before you cleanse your face. Take a cotton round, apply a little baby powder, quickly spray with a shot of hairspray and gently buff away. The baby powder acts as friction to help buff while the hair spray helps the sparkle stick to the cotton pad.

My best tip to surely sparkle this holiday season? DO wear a smile. It’s infectious, spirited and, most importantly, holiday beautiful.