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Dry and arid desert climates consistently get ranked amongst the worst to live in for the condition of one’s skin. In addition to lifestyle choices like, wearing a hat, sunglasses and sun protective clothing, proper skincare regimen is highly effective in protecting against the issues that arise from this type of environment.

The Issues:

Dry climates dehydrate skin and can invite early onset of wrinkles. With intense sun and high heat, the skin has nowhere to hide. The more sun exposure you have, the more damage you’re doing to your skin. Replenishing hydration and sun protection is extremely important in this type of climate.

The Solutions:

Chose an exfoliation product that targets dead skin cell removal, sun damage and hyper pigmentation. Chemical exfoliators and enzymatic peels target all. Look for Lactic acid (found in Fresh A Peel) as the main active as it actually draws moisture to the surface of the skin, thus preventing additional dehydration and dryness.

Because skin is so prone to dryness in these types of environments, Dr. Goldfaden recommends using anti-aging serums and super hydrating moisturizer. Ingredients such as CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Retinol keep skin tone tight and toned, while African botanic oils, Baobob, Kalahari and Mongongo deliver Omega fatty acids for extreme hydration.

Always protect the face and body with sunscreen 30 SPF or higher. The sun can be very intense in these types of climate, so sun protection is imperative.


What we drink is as important as what we eat. Tea should be a part of our diets and has tremendous health benefits. Whether you enjoy caffeine or prefer to skip it , there is a tea for you. Below is Dr. G’s favorite tea blend. Not only is red tea great for your health but also for your skin! It packs a punch by offering 50x more potent anti-oxidant levels than Green Tea and aids in soothing distressed and blotchy skin. Look for Rooibos and a white tea blend in all of the Plant Profusion products! 

What you need:

5 tea bags or loose Rooibos/ Red Tea

5 tea bags or loose White tea

1 tablespoon rose hips (High in Vitamin C)

Honey to taste (anti-oxidant + high in Flavonoids)

Steep together for 20 minutes and serve hot or chill for iced tea.