Soulstrology Soundbath with Ambi Kavanagh

Soundbathing has become more widespread over the last few years and is now a popular wellness activity. 

But as the saying goes, there is nothing new written under the Sun. Sound healing has been a popular healing art since ancient times, used by many cultures across the globe for healing and relaxation. From the ancient Greeks who used sound as a way to aid digestion, to monks in temples using Tibetan bowls to enhance their meditation and prayer, to indigenous people such as the Aboriginals using digeridoos, sound healing has always been a powerful therapeutic tool. 

Nowadays, we experience sound-healing most commonly through a Soundbath.

A Soundbath is a meditative experience where attendees are ‘bathed’ in the sounds and vibrations of different instruments from gongs, to crystal singing bowls, chimes and more. Unlike a silent or guided meditation, the different instruments provide the meditative experience. Sound is extremely powerful and has the ability to change our brainwaves from beta waves (active state) to alpha (relaxation) theta (meditative) and delta (sleep) waves. The effects of a Sound bath on the brain waves are akin to that of a deep meditation. This results in a deep healing of the nervous system which in turn can help with physical and emotional ailments. 

Enjoying Soundbaths regularly can help relax you and keep you energetically clear with a positive impact on your mind, body and soul.

As an astrologer, I use planetary gongs in my custom Soulstrology Soundbaths. Planetary gongs are attuned to the musical note and frequency which corresponds with the planet’s orbital frequency so when you utilize them with intention in a Soundbath experience you are actually harnessing the energies of the planets! As a Reiki Master, I also work with the chakra system and so I use chakra crystal singing bowls in my Soundbaths which are attuned to the note representing different chakras/energy points in the body to help heal and create energetic balance. 

I have provided my Soulstrology Soundbaths at Soho House Malibu, Wanderlust Hollywood and Goop, as well as at many private functions. 

Currently, due to COVID I am not holding in-person Soulstrology Soundbaths and am instead sharing them virtually by way of online events and Instagram lives and IGTV.

For more information on Soulstrology Soundbaths and my work please see my personal website, and follow along on Instagram for some live Soundbaths.

And finally, for your listening pleasure I hope you enjoy this Soulstrology Soundbath with the sounds and vibrations of Jupiter and Earth gongs, chakra crystal singing bowls and chimes. 

Lie back, light some incense, and listen with headphones on for maximum benefit! 

Ambi Kavanagh

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