Radiant Renewal Skin Series: Rosy Lipstick

All things beauty. All things glam. This is why we wanted to ask skincare and beauty blogger Rosy Lipstick to swap out her skincare regimen for our Radiant Skin Renewal Starter Kit. Here is what she had to say.

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1. What is the biggest problem you face with your skin?
Dryness and sensitivity.

2. How did you like Goldfaden MD’s Radiant Renewal Starter Kit and Light Treatment?
The Starter Kit was a simple cleansing routine and the Light Treatment was astoundingly good!  I literally saw my two dark spots near my chin 50% lighter within a week!

3. Does it help?
It really does.

4. What is/was your favorite part of the regimen, and why?
The cleanser was effective, yet didn’t dry out my skin.

5. Have you noticed your skin behaving differently since using Goldfaden MD?
There is an overall brightening effect that is amazingly noticeable.

6. Would you recommend Goldfaden MD to your readers? And why?
I definitely would. The products are natural with none of the extra chemicals that makes me feel good about what I’m putting on my skin.

You can follow @RosyLipstick on Instagram here and shop our Radiant Skin Renewal Starter Kit here.

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