Radiant Renewal Skin Series: Madeleine Burke

Madeleine Burke is obsessed with skincare. Self-proclaimed a digital addict that has an unhealthy obsession with skincare and wine (no they don’t really compliment each other) – we know we’re already going to love Madeleine Burke. She is a lover of lippie, the latest app and something delicious to savor after dinner, she share’s what’s making a mark on her blog TheDailyMark.com.au.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 1.35.11 PMWe wanted to give her our Radiant Skin Renewal Starter Kit to put our skincare to the test. After two weeks of swapping out her normal skincare routine with ours, here is what she had to say!

1. What is the biggest problem you face with your skin? 
Pigmentation and my ever changing skin type! One month I’m oily, the next my skin’s like the Sahara. Chubby cheeks and a love for the sun when I was younger has also left me with some less than desireable sunspots at the top of my cheeks that I’m slowly working away.

2. How did Goldfaden MD’s Radiant Renewal Starter Kit help? 
The Goldfaden MD’s Starter Kit was fantastic at evening out my skin texture. Doing away with dull and dead skin and bringing forward glowing and smooth cells from underneath. This meant I was more confident to wear less makeup and when I did decide to still apply a full face, it was applied (and lasted) so much better than before.

3. What is your favorite part of the regimen and why? 
I’m obsessed with the Doctor’s Scrub! A new face in a jar, it was perfect at night after a good cleanse to reveal gorgeously glowing skin each morning.

4. Have you noticed your skin behaving differently since using Goldfaden MD’s products? 
I always suffer from hormonal blemishes on my chin but I definitely found that they were less intense and also disappeared again a lot quicker using the starter kit each day.

5. Would you recommend GFMD to your reader’s? Why?
Definitely! Especially for those with dull, lifeless skin that are looking for a kickstart that works. The scrub is phenomenal, the serum packed with all the antioxidant protection you need and the cleanser and moisturizer reliable staples that will never lose my love.

Goldfaden MD products can now be found at Mecca Cosmetica, select locations.

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