I have 5 family members and friends that are pregnant this holiday season! Holiday shopping has never been so exciting but so difficult. Many moms-to-be want to keep their lifestyle as ‘clean’ as possible, meaning natural and organic products are at the top of their wish list. Last week I went searching for the best natural holiday gifts and found some great buys!

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RMS, made famous from their incredible Coconut Oil for face and body, was my first stop to look for natural beautiful makeup. RMS Living Luminizer is a creamy highlighter that comes in pearlescent, pale gold shade and looks gorgeous on any skin tone. Formulated with Rosemary Extract, Vitamin E-rich and virgin Coconut Oil and void of Gluten, GMO, Soy and Nano. Can be worn on the cheekbones, eyes, lips and collar bone for that extra glow. This luminizer gives and overall youthful glow and will make any woman feel beautiful!

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 10.27.10 AMAnother fun gift to focus on is the ‘what the bump needs’.  As the baby grows so does the bump and this can mean stretch marks and dry itchy skin. Help mom to be get a jump on that by gifting her a balm for her belly. Any type of body balm will do but make sure it is free of mineral oil, silicones and sulfates. Organic coconut oil or Shea Butter will do the trick, but I found something even better! Made in Charleston South Carolina and fresh on the market, Mia Chia body balm really blew my mind with its hydration qualities and delicious smell. Chia seed while popular in juices and smoothies is as beneficial when applied topically. Chia Seed contains protein, fiber, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, as well as antioxidants called tocopherols. All those Omegas equal hydrated skin and no stretch marks. Moms to be can feel good about applying this to their growing bellies.

If you really want to get fancy take a look at the website www.Moxxly.com. Specializing in the most innovative breast pumps made by women for women. These pumps are designed to be worn under the shirt so moms don’t have to bare it all while pumping. They are also beautifully designed and easy to assemble while also having digital capacity to link all pumping information i.e. quantity and feeding times into mobile or computer devices.

Other fun ideas are prenatal yoga class gift certificate, cashmere sweater wrap or foot massager. Next year we will be buying for the babies to be!

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