Pain in the Neck-the uphill battle of aging

In the fight against aging, one of the most important areas of the body to pay attention to is the neck. The neck is often ignored and left out of the daily anti-aging regimen, resulting in crapey, sagging and dehydrated skin. The neck skin is not attached to any bones, and therefore will be one of the first areas to display the pull of gravity. Luckily there are many options to correct and prevent neck aging.


How to fight it

Always use a neck cream that contains anti-aging ingredients. When choosing a neck cream look for peptides, hydrating lightweight oils, and ingredients that offer brightening and DNA repair. Wearing an SPF on the neck and chest area is a must everyday. We also look down a lot (at our computers and phones), which causes more wrinkles. Try and place your computer higher up on your desk and hold your phone up when texting or reading. Always stand up straight as good posture can help prevent wrinkles.

Other options

While most doctors will admit that topical skincare won’t entirely cure the neck area, it definitely will help. Plant based stem cells can aid in collagen and elastin encouragement, DNA repair, brightening, skin thickening and hydration.There is also a lot of chatter about lasers and the neck. Lasers will probably never take the place of actual surgery or a ‘lift’, but they can help the surface appearance of the neck. However, lasers are pricey and not guaranteed for everyone.Botox injections are another option but starting them early is the key to success. Botox paralyzes the muscle and will not allow neck muscles to contract and sag, so starting before that happens is imperative. Early to mid 30’s is recommended start age.A neck lift can be beneficial for some who are not ready to take the leap into a full facelift. Also, pricey and still ‘real’ surgery, this may not be the best choice for some.

Ultimately we are all aging; there is no way to stop it. Fortunately there are many options to fight aging and to stay looking youthful longer. The most important thing is how you feel inside because that is where the true beauty comes from. If you’re still not sure where to start, invest in a topical neck cream, (like our Lifting Neck Cream) wear sunscreen and hold your head up high.



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