Meet Alicia “ACE” Easter

Alicia “ACE” Easter, is a Los Angeles, CA based Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Reiki Healer. As a reluctant member of the Motherless Daughters Club, ACE faced undeniable grief after her mom died, which led her to the practice of yoga and an unusual job moving around the country. After taking a few yoga classes, ACE realized yoga was a lifesaver and longed for the day she could share its effects with the world.

Fully equipped with the education to mirror her passion for the practice of yoga, reiki, and meditation, which is inspired her late mother, Cynthia, ACE is here to share her gifts of empowerment and mindfulness with the world. She teaches yoga and meditation classes, locally and online, and recognizes it’s an honor to guide students on their journey through yoga, meditation, and grief with love. She created I AM FREE: Yoga, Meditation, and Intention Setting workshops which she has hosted throughout California. She has co-hosted retreats with National Best-Selling Author, Jennifer Pastiloff, in Italy and France and a proud graduate of Tracee Stanley Meditation teacher training.

As a resident of North Hollywood, CA with her two Guru Cats, Sir Reggie and Lady Bell, she is most proud of her laugh, essence of love, and willingness to always chase the sun.


Who are you and what do you stand for?

I am the daughter of Cynthia Geneva Lawson, granddaughter of Eleanor Cecilia Lawson, and my name is Alicia Crysta Easter. The full meaning of my name is of noble-natured, anointed soul descendant of the dawn. I spent too much of my life muffling my voice and light until I realized I am no accident and not honoring my light is doing a disservice to my creators and ancestors. I stand for souls unsung, voices unheard, and women who have yet to find ALL THE POWER lies in them and them alone. I AM soulfully proud to be a Black Woman, Yoga Teacher, Host, Candle Designer, Liberator, Firestarter, Black Joy Beam, Writer, Healer, Lover, Sister, and Friend. To know thyself is a SUPERPOWER, I am excited to be here, and trust fully in the phrase “WE ALL WE GOT!”

On those days when you’re not feeling 100 percent, what do you do to give yourself a confidence boost?

I read love notes given to me at various Jennifer Pastiloff yoga retreats I attended and from my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. The ones from Jen’s retreats are called the “Five Most Beautiful Things” love notes we give to each other at the end of each retreat. They are the all the perfect reminder you are loved, beautiful, brave, and matter on those days we you can’t see your light and beauty as others see you.

What activities would you say are part of your self-care routine? And how do you make time for self-care?

My self-care routine looks like naps, clay masks, long hot showers and hot baths while listening to Binaural Beats and being led in a meditation. My baths are like Baptisms!  I practice Yoga Nidra, daily, and have most recently been placing my worries in my God Jar and letting them go. I miss heated yoga classes, but since LA is kind of back open, I am excited to have those back as an option. I make time for my self-care by getting acupuncture, chiropractor adjustments, and a massage at least every two weeks. It is literally a game-changer for my mind, body, and soul. Saturdays are my only days off and so I call them “Self-Care” Saturdays at Spa ACE. I put on a clay mask, make a smoothie, clean (sometimes), and take a Virtual Sound bath by Sara Auster and Alex Falk. They are magical!!

What are 3 words that come to mind when you think of your body?




What are some of your favorite foods that keep your skin healthy?

Sea Moss






Chocolate Chip Cookies (let me live)

What does your current skincare routine look-like, specifically for your body?

Wash my face every other day with African Black Seed Soap or Turmeric Soap

Witch Hazel Toner

Rose Serum or Lemon Rosemary Butter as a moisturizer at night

What are some of your favorite body treatments?

Full body scrubs (I sure do miss Korean Spas)

Mud Baths


If you could get the world to change its collective mind about one issue, or adopt one way of being, what would it be and why?

If only humans who inhabit this world believed in souls first, skin color second, and gender last. I believe violence, racism, murder, poison, disdain, and gross abuse of power wouldn’t run rampant through the minds and actions of people who have a duty to serve. There would be no space for those thoughts because they would understand, that is a soul I’m talking to, not a black body to fear. That’s a human I am here to serve, not a black body to own.

When affirming, we are souls first, a basic understanding of respect, honor, duty, and pride follow. Society is void of this way of thinking, on a macro level, and it’s frightening. Why can’t our souls be held/grounded in a brave and healing space? I did not come to this way of thinking overnight so I can’t expect anyone else to either. I just know the quicker you do the work to acknowledge your soul, the faster you get to honor yourself, the easier it is to let people live. LET US LIVE.

The fear-based murder of black people continues to pierce tiny needles in my heart. The minute you think there will be some relief. Boom. Another needle planted. The eloquent words of Lauryn Hill ask, “How you gon win if you ain’t right within,” and that keeps coming up for me in relation to everything I see in the world. How? When? Who? Why? Do you really believe you win when you don’t love yourself as a soul and human first?

Fill in the blank:       3.5 hr. naps     are underrated.

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