Manage your moods with colors

What you wear could be affecting your mood. I know it is the middle of winter and black or grey are just the easiest color to throw on, but you may be doing more harm than good to yourself and to others around you. Ever wonder why the color red is considered so sexy or romantic? W
hen we look at the color red our blood pressure actually rises. This may be why men think red nails or a red dress is so sexy. The opposite is true of the color blue. Blue causes blood pressure to lower and thus has a calming sensation on our brain and mood.

Next time you’e in a winter slump try a hot red nail polish or wear a bright pink sweater. If you tend to run a little hot naturally, try painting one wall in your bedroom a light blue and dim your lights to relax. Winter can get us down but just a pop of color can get us through until Spring!

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