Lauren + Lisa’s Spring Beauty Picks

photoSprings most dynamic trend: Pop of color!

Winter weather is daunting on everything, particularly the skin and with this year’s Polar Vortex hitting new heights, Spring beauty could not be more exciting! Every year we transition our closets, hair color and beauty cabinet for the warmer weather, warm weather vacations and the music festivals that pop up all over the country.

Being the beauty-crazed girls that we are, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite Spring beauty products that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Add an instant glow to any look with Kevyn Aucoin’s new Celestial Skin Liquid Highlighter – it awakens your look instantly!

These bright hues go on lighter than you think which makes them ideal to layer and build upon. Plus, they last all day long which is key to our busy schedules. ByTerry Liquid Blushes, Rose de Rose is our favorite. These liquid blushes with built in highlighters add an extra sparkle to your glowing complexion.

Everything from Illamasqua is on our list. Their pigments are beautiful and true to color and all the eye shadows are long wear, which makes a huge impact on our decision. PSSST….they just opened in select Bloomingdales in the US and their collection is also sold at Sephora nationwide.

While we constantly wear SPF on our skin, we need to take extra care leading up to the Summer months to protect our skin from Sun Damage. Our newest product to hit our collection, Light Treatment, helps to lighten existing pigmentation, while preventing the skin from additional hyper pigmentation – duo in one may we say! Plus, the lightweight texture makes this product an ideal lightweight moisturizer going into the Summer months. It is best to use a regular exfoliator and brightening product to help remove dead skin cells (and take of that Winterized skin) allowing for the treatment to penetrate deeper into the skin which increases overall treatment.

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