How to Prepare for a 16 hour Flight

Proper preparation for a long flight can make a difference in how you feel once you arrive at your destination. The key to a successful, restful flight is to start hydrating a few days before you travel. I prepare for really long flights like preparing for a marathon. The hydration doesn’t only happen on the plane or during the run, it happens days before too. If you start off hydrated and continue to hydrate while on the flight your skin, body and brain will thank you when you land and for days to follow. Hydration is extremely important to keep the body balanced and functioning at a high level. Dehydration leads to headaches, constipation and inability to get on a new time zone. Choose water as your beverage of choice during the duration of the flight. DO NOT drink alcohol or caffeine (this includes tea) as they both promote dehydration. Although having a glass of wine seems like the smart choice to induce sleep, it is actually the worst choice. Try taking Melatonin to help induce sleep.

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Most planes have 10-20 % humidity levels, which can lead to dry throat, dry + scratchy eyes and dry skin. Low humidity also ups your risk of catching a respiratory virus (a cold), and since about 50% of the air on flights is recycled, germs are rampant. So take precautions! You can wear a mask, nostril covers, or simply cover your face while sleeping. Another smart way to protect yourself from germs, is to wipe down your seat area. Pack disinfectant wipes and use them on the seatbelt, tray table, armrests and remote controls. Also try not to touch bathroom handles, faucets etc. You can also put down your own blanket or wrap, so you have a clean seat.

Exercise is another key factor in feeling good on a long journey. Try to exercise the night before or morning of your trip. Exercise relaxes the mind and body, increases circulation and produces sweat. Sweating realizes endorphins, which make us, feel good.

When it comes to skincare on a long flight, hydration is the name of the game. If you wear makeup you’re going to want to remove it before going to sleep. I always travel with facial wipes for this purpose. My favorite are Ko Gen Do cleansing spa water cloths because they are organic and contain essential herbs and they don’t dry the skin out. After removing all makeup, apply a hydration serum or oil to clean skin. My go to oil is Fleuressence Native Botanical Oil because it’s super hydrating but not greasy. Next apply eye cream and hand cream. Carrying a facial mist is a good way to stay hydrated and feel refreshed while traveling. My favorite is Glossier’s Facial Mist made of roses and aloe to soothe.

Travel bag necessities:

Eye drops

Hand cream “Hands To Heart”

Saline nasal spray

Dr. Lipp lip balm/also works in the nose

Facial mask

Nostril covers/try “Filter Your Life” covers

Compression socks

Eye mask


Something warm to wrap up in

Safe travels!!

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