We all want to achieve that flawless youthful glow, but, if you are like anyone else, we all struggle with skin challenges, so we asked Madison Chertow, one of our favorite glowiest influencers to swap out her beauty routine for one month and use Goldfaden MD. Find out how she goes about “detox” and what she found after using the products.

Can you describe your skin type (i.e. Is your skin usually oily, dry or normal)?

I’ve always had very normal/combo skin. I’ve been prone to an oily t-zone at times, but, luckily I’ve always been a fan of a glow-y look, so I’ve made it work in my favor!

What are your skin goals?

For years I’ve been fighting flare ups of hormonal acne. It was never severe, but it always really put a damper on my confidence when I’d get my monthly cystic little spots. I love going makeup free, but when I’d break out or have any type of inflammation it’d change my whole outlook on my daily beauty routine. It’s always been one of my favorite things, and I always prided myself so much on taking care of my skin, but it took me along time to find products that truly made a difference in the hardest things to control. Lately, I’ve also been dealing with some hyperpigmentation around my eyes and this winter my skin has been drier than ever, so I’ve wanted to make sure the hydration levels were more balanced than ever.

How do you detox?

I’ve always believed in the concept of “detox” not as doing or eating anything less. It’s always in a way been about doing MORE for myself and well being than ever. When I feel like my skin or body or mind needs a little extra love and attention, a big thing I do is take some time out of my days to do my skincare routine slowly, carefully and more mindfully. I love masks, specially been loving the facial detox mask from Goldfaden MD. I like to leave my masks on extra long, sip some tea, watch a movie or listen to music and focus on feeling calm and in control of my wellbeing. That, to me, is detox!

When you need to de-stress, what is your go-to?

It’s similar rituals for when I need to detox. Skincare, skincare, skincare! When i’m truly stressed, I love to exercise. It’s something I never cared much for till the last couple years, now it’s one of my favorite things to do! I’m also a huge fan of Korean spas and love to spend a weekend day at one devoting extra time to my well-being.

When suffering from hormonal breakouts, which Goldfaden MD product is your go-to?

I’ve had the facial detox mask in my beauty cabinet for about a year now. It’s the absolute best spot treatment, or all over treatment as needed. It was one of the first products for my hormonal breakouts that made ME feel in control of them, which was a huge breakthrough for me.

How did you first hear about Goldfaden MD? What was the first product you used?

A couple years ago I read about the Doctors scrub on Into the Gloss. I loved the title of the product, as it sounded more medicinal and actually helpful compared to most of the products I was learning about during the time. It was the last physical exfoliant I’ve ever bought, it was that good! I don’t often use physical exfoliants, but this one is staying forever as my one exception favorite.

Tell us about your current regimen before transitioning to the Goldfaden MD collection

I think a lot of my products in my routine were focused on getting a glow, but what I realized is they weren’t really packed with any repairing, hard working ingredients that would actually CHANGE my skin, not just make me look good for the day. Now I focus on ingredients, and the Goldfaden routine I’m using is really strategic to getting long term results and repairing the things I didn’t like instead of just masking them.

What have you experienced in your time with using Goldfaden MD – how has your skin improved?

The first thing I noticed day one of using the line was instant even skin tone. My boyfriend even thought I had makeup on when I didn’t which was really exciting! My redness in cheeks was diminished, and I felt a lit from within glow. The Vital boost cream is one of my new favorite products I’ve ever used and I’d definitely never want to be without that. After a few weeks, as you can see in the images, my small patches of hyperpigmentation around my eyes has diminished. Some subtle fine lines have filled out, and I feel so hydrated 100 percent of the time. It’s the happiest my skin has ever been! It’s been really nice to see serious results when using these products, in such a short amount of time.

Have you always used or been interested/concerned with ingredients and clean beauty?

It’s funny, I’m really quite a health freak with diet and lifestyle, but I was pretty late to the game of getting into cleaner beauty. I was always a believer in whatever works, works for my skin. But it’s been pretty amazing to realize that I can get real results from products that are cleaner. I couldn’t be happier to have learned that.

Who would you recommend this regimen to in the future?

I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to have truly truly flawless, healthy skin- which is most likely everyone! I think my specific routine has been amazing because its about detoxing imbalances, brightening stubborn discoloration then putting back In maximum hydration. I couldn’t think of a better routine!