From Bloat to Bikini

We are smack in the middle of bikini season, wedding season and just it’s so ‘damn hot season’ that you want to be in as little clothing as possible! There is never a better time to de-bloat than summertime. You’ll feel better and look hotter and healthier. You really only need a few days(if you’re super focused) but if you have a week to ten days that’s even better. There are foods to eat and foods to avoid, tons of water to drink, and tremendous amounts of sweat to be sweat. Follow a few of these tricks and you’ll be looking gor-gee-0o-so in no time!

I took my path to summer hotness to the extreme, I’ve been eating vegan, sugar-free, gluten free, and low sodium and for a week and plan on continuing for another week. I feel terrific and full of energy and while I don’t plan on staying Vegan, I am definitely staying dairy-free. I don’t own a scale but I can feel and tell I have lost bloat and a few pounds. If you want to jumpstart your body and drop a few lbs look into a meal delivery program like Fresh-N-Lean, so you don’t have to struggle with what to eat or not eat. These people specialize in clean, organic, healthy, gluten free, dairy free, vegan food.  They do all the work, so you can enjoy.

Drinking water is imperative to getting your body beach/bikini/vacation ready. Water equals life and we are made up of 80%! Drink people-drink! Water flushes sodium and toxins out of our bodies. Your skin will look clearer and more hydrated and so will your eyes.

A few foods to stay away from because they will bloat you are artificial sweeteners or anything ‘sugar-free’, sodium/salt, carbonated drinks, beans, high fiber greens(get them juiced instead) and dairy. There is definitely an argument that yogurt is actually beneficial for your gut and helps eliminate bloat, just depends on how you digest it. Okay, I’m going to type it- alcohol… This is the one thing people, myself included, struggle with when wanting to drop weight or bloat. If you must drink be smart about what you’re drinking. Stay away from wine because of the sugar and beer because its heavy and carbonated. Vodka with lime is your best bet as far as low calories and no carbonation. There are also a lot of ways to ‘skinny’ your cocktails-see our post for July 4th for some yummy ideas.

Anti-bloat foods you should eat are papaya because it contains a digestive enzyme that helps break down protein. Celery because it is a diuretic which relieves fluid and cucumbers because they de-puff anything and are mostly water. Asparagus contains a ‘good’ gut bacteria and green tea is the mother of all  when it comes to a natural diuretic.

While all of this healthiness is ensuing, you need to sweat and work out! Sweating will get toxins out of your body and working out releases endorphins that make us feel good! Running or spinning will help you drop weight fast. Cross training continually will only help your body look more sculpted and toned. Getting enough sleep is important too. The term ‘beauty sleep’ didn’t invent itself after all.

If you have tricks on how to get summer-sexy ready fast, share them with us!! See you in your string bikini!

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