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“You need to stretch’, “don’t forget to stretch, “feel free to stay after class and stretch” are just a few of the messages we hear and read everyday.  But like everyone else, I can’t seem to find the time. I used to be obsessed with yoga so stretching was not an issue. Now I’m creaking out of bed in the AM.

My new plan is to stretch at night, before bed maybe while watching TV. A foam roller is really essential to any healthy exercise routine. If you don’t own a roller there are a few household items that you can use. A tennis ball or a golf ball can be used to roll out the bottoms of your feet and calves. Standing upright, place a ball under your foot and gently press down on it while moving your foot back and forth. This stretches the flexor digotorum brevis(that big muscle right down the middle). If you get sore on the inner part of the foot (abductor hallicus), turn your foot onto the ball and repeat the same motion. A pointing and flexing exercise also works well for this muscle.

If you’re really desperate you can use a rolling pin to roll your muscles out. Take the rolling pin and gently roll your calves out. You can lie on your stomach and have someone roll the back of your calves out.  If you’re sore this is going to hurt, just FYI.

Daily stretching can keep soreness at bay along with proper hydration and lots of rest. Let us know some at home stretching techniques you use.

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