Chemical Exfoliants + Masks

On the quest for a perfect complexion, a chemical peel followed by a treatment mask is a dynamic duo. Peel and mask of choice depends on a few things, mainly your desired results and skin type.

Photo via The City Blonde

Types of Peels:

Alpha-hydroxy acids target fine lines, irregular pigmentation, and age spots, while exfoliating and promoting collagen production

Glycolic: reduces visible signs of aging

Lactic: exfoliates, reduces appearance of hyperpigmentation + draws moisture to skin surface

Tartaric: helps reduce appearance of fine lines + wrinkles

Malic: promotes collagen production + reduces signs of aging

Citric acids: exfoliates + expedites new cell turnover

Beta-Hydroxy Acid

Salicylic Acid:  good for Acne prone skin, exfoliation and improves skin’s texture and color.

Types of masks:

Hydrating: Oats(soothe), grape extracts + blueberries (reduce redness) + anti-oxidants (protection)

Brightening: Papaya enzymes (exfoliate + brighten), garden cress liposomes(reduce


Healing: Chamomile(calming), japonica flower(reduces redness + inflammation)

Pore clarifying/detox: Clay (draws out impurities + absorbs oil), rosemary (anti-bacterial), Burdock root(anti-bacterial)


Whichever choice you make you are definitely on your way to

the perfect complexion!


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