While Sana Jardin is an award-winning luxury fragrance house, it’s the first of its kind that also functions as a vehicle for social change by empowering women at a grassroots level. We asked founder and CEO Amy Christiansen to share her most important memories tied to scent, her motivations to drive social change through her business, and how to be a more conscious consumer.

What is your earliest scent memory? What notes and imagery sticks out to you?

I traveled to many exotic destinations with my grandmother as a child. I grew up surrounded by the heady scents of North Africa and the Middle East; neroli, jasmine and amber in particular. It’s fuelled my passion ever since.

What fragrance notes do you gravitate toward when you need a moment of peace?

Vanilla is historically thought to soothe, calm and calm. I find it incredibly reassuring when I feel frazzled and need a moment of solace!

Who or what opened your eyes to the powerful effects of scent?

Around 14 years ago, I was gifted ‘The Scent Trail’ by Celia Lyttleton and it literally transformed my life! I became fascinated by the use of essential oils and how they’ve been used for thousands of years, in so many different cultures. I learnt about the sacred rituals associated with flower harvests and was quite literally mesmerized instantly! The rest you can say is history…

Describe your relationship with your skin. How has it evolved over the course of your life? 

When I was young, I was concerned with breakouts. Now I am fixated on tightening my skin and having it as radiant as possible! 

What skincare step do you never, ever skip? Does it include a favorite Goldfaden MD product?

I never miss my evening double cleanse (especially after spending a day running around London!) I love Goldfaden’s Pure Start Facial Cleanser; it effectively cleanses without stripping the skin and removes all signs of makeup.

You credit your grandmother with showing you what it means to be a social entrepreneur. Do you recall any of the aspects of your beauty routine? How did she impact your dedication to beauty? 

My grandmother taught me the power of an aura. She always radiated YSL’s Opium perfume and wore exotic jewelry. She had an adventurous life and was interested in those around her, which made her magnetic to others. 

What are the steps you’ve taken to living a more sustainable day-to-day life?

I am a huge believer that every little counts. I’ll walk to the office when I can; use re-useable coffee containers, shop locally etc. I try to shop wisely too. I am always on the lookout for brands that source their products ethically, in addition to fully recyclable or biodegradable packaging materials.

What aspects of the beauty industry do you hope to impact in your career?

It’s my dream to become a beacon of light in the luxury industry and set a precedent for not only fragrance but food, beauty, fashion and manufacturing brands going forward, proving that social change and luxury do not have to be mutually exclusive. I want to inspire other businesses to engage in a language of Beyond Sustainability™ and look at ways they can be creative with their use of waste in the supply chain and give back to their low-income employees. I truly believe every brand can incorporate more humanitarian values into their supply chains.

What advice do you have for readers who hope to live more sustainably?

I think one of the most important things we can all do is vote for change with our wallets when purchasing something; try to support companies that are actively working in an eco-friendly or humanitarian way. 

Consumers also need to consider how far a product has traveled. Food is the perfect example; fruit and vegetables are picked out of season all year round and flown across the world with a huge carbon footprint to boot! Shop local and eat seasonally! 

Elevate your nightly skincare routine with this delicious mocktail recipe from Ghia, a non-alcoholic apéritif inspired by the Mediterranean changing the way we drink, gather and think. Ghia is made with only good things in it—no booze, no added sugar, and no artificial flavors. All of their ingredients are sourced mindfully and as close to their elemental form as possible ~ Lemon Balm, Elderflower, Rosemary and Gentian Root coming from Europe, Yuzu from Japan as well as Riesling grapes and Figs from the US.

So, cheers to a happy New Year and we can’t wait to see how you self-care with Ghia!

A Night at the Spritz 


2 oz Ghia

2 oz sparkling water

A sprig of rosemary

The zest of one orange

Mix 2 oz Ghia and 2 oz sparkling water, stir gently. Serve in a wine glass on the rocks and garnish with fresh rosemary sprig and bright orange zest.



The Kids’ Gift Guide

Mini Bloom: If you love your Goldfaden MD products, I guarantee that you’ll enjoy Mini Bloom for the kiddos in your life as well… and I’m not just saying that as a founder of both brands! Rooted in nature, formulated to nurture (even for the most sensitive skin), Mini Bloom’s bath, body, and baby care products are wonderful staples in any and every holistic-minded household. After all, we all want the safest and most efficacious products for our little ones!

Yumi: Truth be told, conventional baby food products can be a bit too suspect for my liking, which is why I highly recommended the Clean Label Project certified eats by Yumi. Nutrient-dense whole foods minus the junk? The kiddos in your life will truly eat it up—and their parents will be ever so grateful.

Maison Rue: I didn’t know that kitchenware for kids could be calming—that is, until I discovered the Nordic designs from Maison Rue. Aesthetically pleasing and made from non-toxic materials, the plates, cups, and toys from this brand make for a happy, healthy and functional home.

SunnyLife: If your kids are going to be playing around, they might as well do it in style, which is where the colorful and wonderfully whimsical lucite and timber game sets and puzzles from SunnyLife come in.

Super Smalls: My kids love the fun and playful accessories by Super Smalls, which encourage imagination and creativity.

BURSTkids Sonic Toothbrush: The bright colors and easy-grip handle of this electric toothbrush will make twice-daily brushing a breeze for kiddos and their parents alike. Better yet, Burst simplifies things thanks to their refill plan, with which you’ll get a new brush head replacement every 12 weeks.

The Hosts’ Gift Guide

The Culinistas: Private chefs will come to your kitchen and get to work on weekly meal prep, whip up a feast, and/or work with your dietary restrictions and goals. Need I say more? It’s genius.

Heather Taylor Home: The quaint “cottagecore” handwoven linens from LA–based brand Heather Taylor Home make for a terrific gift for any hostess with the mostest.

Goldfaden MD Let It Glow Candle: If you ask me, candles are always a welcome gift to add warmth and aroma to any home—and I can’t wait to share Goldfaden MD’s own Let It Glow Candle with everyone in my inner circle.

Brightland Olive Oil Duo: I’ve been a fan of Brightland’s since they came out with their EVOOs a few years back. The home chefs in your life will love this set, which includes AWAKE for cooking and ALIVE for salads and baking. Even the packaging is utterly delightful.

The Sill: A green home is a happy home, which is why I highly recommend gifting The Sill’s houseplants, planters, planting supplies, and more.

The Wellness Gift Guide

Ghia: Ghia makes it all too easy to get you in the holiday spirit… minus the alcoholic spirits. The elevated beverage flavors are free of alcohol, caffeine, added sugar, and artificial flavors—and their products are vegan-friendly to boot.

Remedy Place: If your wellness-obsessed loved ones are based in LA, gifting a membership to West Hollywood’s Remedy Place is a no-brainer. Temptation- and toxin-free, this exclusive social wellness club facilitates a deeper connection to oneself as well as their health-minded community.

Goldfaden MD The Body Glow Set: Winter or not, dullness is never in season—and Goldfaden MD’s Body Glow Set will help you combat dry and lackluster skin from the neck down day after day.

Perelel: As a mother of two little ones and an entrepreneur in the mommy and wellness spaces, I’ve done my due diligence on the best products for mamas and kiddos. The prenatals and postnatals from OB/GYN-founded brand Perelel get my full seal of approval, which I don’t dole out easily. I’ll be sure to gift their supplements to the expectant and new mamas in my circle, and I suggest you do the same.

Bandier: For the ladies in your life who love fashion as much as they love fitness, Bandier is always a safe bet. Whether you personalize your wellness gift haul with sneakers, sets, or accessories or opt for a choose-your-own-adventure gift card, you really can’t go wrong by looking to this always-on-trend retailer. Of course, I recommend browsing their sustainability edit!