Actual food ingredients in skincare products seems to be a rampant trend as of late. We’ve been hearing about mushrooms for a while thanks to Dr. Weil and Green Tea is everywhere, but do they really work?  According to a story in the Los Angeles Times they may NOT.  Dr. Leslie Bauman, a Miami based dermatologist, terrific author and researcher brings up the point that just because the food is good to ingest, does not mean that it works when applied topically. However, there are still a few that offer anti-aging protection and aid in restoring skin.

Being the Princess of Natural Skincare, I like to take my self appointed name and earn it. So, I have to experiment in order to report back to you. Saturday night I decided to try one of the oldest food ingredients on my face to see what all the fuss was about. For years I have been reading about the benefits of olive oil, not only to eat but for the skin and hair. It felt great going on if not a little greasy (go figure), and I smelled delicious. I only put it on one side of my face in order to compare it to the other in the AM.  When I woke up my face did not feel any more hydrated on the olive oil side. And I used Extra Virgin……  Is it a wives tale or just for Greek beauties, like my next door neighbor in college?

According to Emily Sohn’s LA times article there are some food ingredients that do work without breaking the bank.  Read through them and then let me know if you’ve ever tried anything crazy on your skin or hair!

Straight off the runway, there is a new trend alert : “we are heading back to 80’s!” No, not MORE neon….PHEW! Think music videos and beautiful women all dressed alike.  That’s right Robert Palmer’s ‘addicted to love‘ video put the  look on the map and now its back!  Slicked  back hair and dark lips were all the rage at the Bottega Veneta and Yves Saint Laurent shows according to Allure magazine’s Beauty Reporter!

You don’t need a makeup artist or hair stylist to achieve this look.  You do need a pigment heavy lipstick and metallic eyeshadow. Try MAKE UP FOREVER’S Rouge Artist Intense in Pearly Dark Violet and Maize Gold-2 Metal Eye Shadow. A tip to getting full hydrated looking lips is to take a warm wet towel and rub your lips to make sure all the dry skin is off. This will also irritate your lips and make them appear fuller. Lining lips will help to prevent  your lip stick color bleeding. After lining apply lipstick all over and use a brush for a more professional look. The next step is my favorite, add a tiny bit of metallic eyeshadow to the middle of your bottom lip. This makes your lips pop and glow while adding dimension. Try a warmer shade like gold or copper for a sexy earthy look and a silver or white for an icy ethereal look. Last but never least apply Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss to achieve a crazy sheen! Pucker up, because no one will be able to resist your kissable pout!

For the slicked back look my first suggestion is that you need to commit to this. If you decide to wear it for the night you must own it! This hair style is not for the shy, it’s for the daring, fashion forward crew. Wet your hair, add a serum with a lot of hold and comb back into a bun.  If you want to do a side part, which is a little more reminiscent of the 1930’s, that works too. Severe yes, but very sexy if done correctly.

Robert Palmer may be gone but his idea of beauty lives on at least for this season.

Are you finding  that you are getting sick more than usual? A sniffle, a cough and overall malaise?  Your hand sanitizer may be to blame.

We all keep our trusty, germ fighting friend ‘the hand sanitizer’ in our purses, gym bags and cars, but to what cost? Instead of keeping us healthy, could it be making us sicker?

Of course if you’re in a career that requires you to physically touch a lot of people (like when we host a GOLDAFADEN MD facial event) than it makes sense to sanitizer after each encounter, but for those who use it incessantly for fear of germs, it can be doing more harm than good.  Our immune system is designed to catch germs and then build antibodies in order to fight them off in the future. This is how our body protects itself from getting sick every time  a germ invades our system. Not only that but studies have shown that overuse of anti-bacterial products used in the household can cause bacteria to become resistant! We don’t want to create a super bug! MRSA is bad enough!

So next time you reach for a household anti-bacterial cleaning product or your trusty bottle of hand sanitizer, try soap and water instead. You might just keep yourself from getting sick!