Emily Wickersham is the epitome of a Hollywood Beauty – both inside and out – and a rising star to boot. She’s that natural beauty that we all love – confident, perfect complexion and has that laid-back + polished look. In between filming, Emily travels around the globe and we had the chance to sit down with her to learn about her travel tips on how to keep that glowing complexion in-tact.

What are your go-to wellness travel essentials? 

My Lunya sleep mask, Melatonin, Goldfaden Bright eyes cream, my electric toothbrush.

Check bags or carry-on?

Always carry on (my Away Bag) and my LL Bean Tote

What are your top 3 Carry-On items you cant travel without? 

Travel size toiletries 


Cashmere scarf/blanket 

Last trip you took?

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Next trip you’re excited about?

My summer trip! I’m going to Paris, South of France and Ibiza. 

What do you wear when you fly?

Usually sneakers, jeans a a cozy sweater. But if I’m flying far I will wear some sort of cozy jogger pant.

Best airline snack or meal?

I don’t eat plane food. Usually I’ll pack nuts or a healthy bar. 

How do you avoid jet lag?

By drinking lots of water and exercising… but i think it’s kind of inevitable.

Favorite city? 

New York, New York!

Kindle, iPad or book?


Marianna Jamadi is a travel photographer who is based in the LA area. She is a creature of nomadic habit always with her passport ready. When she is not shooting, you can find her doodling, sewing, and always on the quest of expansion. Follow along with her awe-inspiring Instagram feed, Nomadic Habit, as she captures the magical places in which she snaps behind the lense here.

What are your go-to wellness travel essentials? 

doTerra On-Guard Beadlets, Ginger Yogi Tea, probiotics!

Check bags or carry-on? 

Carry-on if possible but if I’m traveling for work, I often have to check a back for photo equipment purposes.

Tell us about the last trip you took?

 I was down in Los Cabos, Mexico exploring with Four Seasons Los Cabos at Costa Palmas. As they are opening in the fall, I got a first hand sneak peek at this much anticipated project which will redefine what a Cabo experience can be. It’s situated on the East Cape on the Sea of Cortez side which means swimmable beaches and wild undiscovered terrain.

What is your go-to travel attire? 

You can usually find me layered in Matter Prints, Par en Par,  with a Yellow 108 hat, and Mohinders for slip on ease.

How do you avoid jet lag? 

Still working on mastering this! Often it feels like it’s just part of the process of travel. I will try to plan flights accordingly that may help with this or plan for a day of rest when I arrive.

Tell us about one of your favorite travel experiences?

With Mexico top of mind, we got to hike to a waterfall in Baja which was pristine and stunning. Upon arrival there was no one else in sight. We got to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape, waterfall, and surrounding rock pools to the tune of birds and breezes.

How do you spend the majority of your time in flight? 

Flights are always a great place for me to journal and zone out on Podcasts.

What are your top 3 Carry-On items you cant travel without? 

A scarf to keep warm or as a pillow to sleep, chapstick, and my headphones.

What is your secret for keeping your skin healthy and glowing while you are traveling? 

Staying hydrated! Knowing the climate I’m going to. Is it humid? Dry? Then I will pack my products accordingly. Been loving the Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub for that extra glow. Lastly, of course, sunscreen!

When you’re a busy mom of three, time is of the essence, so we sat down with this superwomen, RachelAnne, to learn a thing or two about how she finds balance in her busy world.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a mama to three amazing children, living on a small six-acre farm by the busy city of Atlanta. One of my favorite things to do with the children is go outside and enjoy all of that sunshine! After a long day of play, we come back inside and clean up for dinner and then bunker down and read books together and cuddle up. I love alone time after the children are down for bed, but wouldn’t change this busy motherhood life for anything!

Can you describe your skin type (i.e. Is your skin usually oily, dry or normal)?

My skin has always been extremely dry and requires lots of extra moisture to keep it soft and from breaking out. It’s been a sore-spot since middle school, and finally in college, I got a hold on my skin care routine once I realized I needed to moisturize!

What are your skin goals?

My current skin goals are to keep my skin acne-free and keep bags from under my eyes, especially being up all night with a new baby, as well as two older children.

When you need to de-stress, what is your go-to?

The best de-stresser for me is some alone time with a chai tea and a book in hand. I love to soak in our clawfoot tub and then pamper myself with skin care indulgences.

Can you share your best multitasking tips in for both your everyday life and your skincare routine?

Being a mom of three keeps me on my feet, but I always take the time in the morning to teach the children to brush their teeth while I’m washing my face and preparing my skin for whatever lies ahead in our day. I like incorporating whatever I’m doing in my conversation with my older children by telling them how important it is to clean our faces and keep our skin healthy and happy!

Favorite thing about being a mom?

My hands-down favorite part of being a mother is watching my children grow into their personalities. My oldest daughter is spunky and so artistic, my son is bashful and just a teddy bear who loves snuggles, and of course, the baby is the light of my life. I love watching them smile and interact with each other and seeing how they are learning to play well together.

Do you have any tips for new moms trying to find a work-life balance?

My best advice for any mother trying to balance everything is get a routine down. It doesn’t have to look like anybody else’s around them, just something that suits the needs of their families and to be sure to take care of themselves and prioritize that time.