Can vitamins keep you young & healthy?

Are vitamins and supplements going to keep you looking and feeling young? Can you reverse your actual age? Vitamins are not a new idea or craze, but what if they can really change you inside and out?

After speaking to a woman I work with, who looks very young for her chronological age, I realized it might be time to up my vitamin intake. I have gone through phases where I take 6 different supplements and then taper off into the regulars I can’t go without, Vitamin D, Fish Oil and Glucosamine. But what if I am missing some important ones? True, the list never ends on what is ‘important’ to take, but mine could be buffed up a little? My friend mentioned adding Alpha-Lipoic Acid into my daily intake, she says it helps keep plaque off our brains.  I do not want plaque on my brain! Of course, Alpha-Lipoic Acid is amazing for the skin but I didn’t know how important it is for our brains!  Alpha Lipoic Acid helps with dementia and Alzheimer’s and warding it off. Needless to say it is now part of my everyday vitamin cocktail!

I am now up to 8 vitamins a day. In addition to the above I am also taking Vitamin C, Green Coffee bean, Biotin (for healthy hair) and Curcumin. Tell us what you take and why?

Stay healthy!

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