Bright Beginnings for 2021

Coming out of 2020 we are all focused on new beginnings and forward-moving roads – paving a new reality and brighter days ahead. Looking back on one of the most difficult years in modern history, many of us had to retrench, re-budget, rethink, and remind ourselves that though this won’t go on forever, some of these adjustments will be permanent.

As a brand, 2020 was centered around how to evolve and adapt to a new environment in order to continue to meet our customer’s needs. With the closure of retail spanned globally, we turned our focus inwards and went back to one of our basic fundamental strategies – one-to-one customer service. Through the bespoke creations and customized at-home self-care kits and cozy offerings to adhere to the needs of consumers’ new environment (a la at home) alongside personalized virtual consultations and events, it has allowed us to dial in directly to our customers and create meaningful interactions despite the restrictions that we had all faced. We all long for connection and beauty, at the core, offers a deep-rooted connection that helps to enhance one’s wellbeing and boost confidence. It’s the celebration of one-self.

In August we launched our Body Collection, a brand-new category for us, with much success. 2021 will be focused on continuing to provide our community with cutting edge education from Dr. G, plant-based efficacious products and social interaction with our online community. On the horizon, we are extremely excited about our next big launch-all I can say is “our lips are sealed”.

On a personal level, 2020 presented some of the most challenging hardships but also some of the brightest silver linings. “I learned that slowing down is okay. I spent most of 2019/2018 and the first two months of 2020 on a plane working in different countries, and while I miss that aspect of my job, I have gotten to spend otherwise ‘missed’ time with my family. During the time when we were locked inside, I somehow grew closer to old, dear friends and my family and for that, I am forever grateful. Heading into 2021 I feel very hopeful for our country, our health, and our world.” Lisa Goldfaden

“As someone who thrived on moving life forward, this year forced me to create more balance in my life – a true test on having to figure out the best way to manage until we are all out of these rough waters. A reminder that it’s not necessarily about getting to a destination; it’s about holding on and managing until everything calms down and living and pivoting in the moment.” Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden

Wishing everyone love, peace and health in 2021.

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