Best multi-dimensional products for glowing clear holiday skin

December is all about holiday skin health. Too many cocktails, sugary treats and fatty hors d’oeuvres can lead to breakouts, redness, inflammation, eye puffiness and overall skin pollution. Instead of giving up all the festive treats, reach for multi-dimensional products to keep skin looking healthy, clear and bright. A few easy steps everyday can turn back the hands of time and holiday overindulgence.

Holiday culprits:

  • Alcohol seems almost unavoidable during the holiday season. Small amounts in moderation are okay and if possible try to stick to red wine (at least you get the resveratrol bonus). Alcohol contains a ton of sugar, which causes glycation (the breakdown of the proteins in the skin (collagen and elastin), ultimately causing skin to sag and age. Glucose also causes cells to be malformed and irregular thus creating free radicals.
  • White Sugar (which is in everything) also causes glycation. When choosing a holiday treat to either eat or bake, try adding Honey or Cacao, as they are great alternatives to white sugar and they are both super foods. Cinnamon can also be substituted and it helps with inflammation!
  • Fried food also causes glycation and in some cases breakouts. Regular exercise and exfoliation can prevent and reverse these issues.

 Best Multi Dimensional products to reverse damage:

Dr. Goldfaden really is the ingredient guru when it comes to formulating and combining effective and innovative ingredients. Not only do all his products have a reason for being but they contain multi dimensional ingredients which work in tandem to deliver numerous results.

Doctor’s Scrub

Exfoliation is the best method for ridding pores of pollutants. Scrubs can get into the pores and clean them while also removing dead skin cells, bacteria and prior free radical damage. Our Doctor’s Scrub exfoliant combines spherical ruby crystals, to remove dead skin cells and bacteria, and hydrating emollients jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and apricot oil. The end result is glowing, smooth, and hydrated skin.

Plant Profusion Supreme Serum

After removing all the dead skin cells your skin can accept and absorb a treatment serum. Our Supreme Serum is an anti-aging serum that is made up of plant stem cells and other supercharged anti-oxidants. The specialize complex, PURFLORA, found in the entire Plant Profusion collection consists of Raspberry Leaf Extract, Comfrey Stem Cells, White Tea Leaf Extract, Garden Crest Sprouts and Birds of Paradise extract. The benefits result in skin tone and texture improvement, overall brightness, the appearance of reduction of unwanted pigmentation and increase of the skin barrier function.

Bright Eyes Dark Circle Concentrate

Arguably the first place over indulging appears is the eye region. Darkness, puffiness and overall sagging will improve with an appropriate brightening and de-puffing eye cream. The eye region gets dehydrated very quickly as we do not create the same type of oil as the rest of face and the delicate nature of the skin. Bright Eyes triple action eye concentrate will not only make the eye area look and feel more hydrated, but it can double as a makeup primer! Powerhouse ingredients, soy and rice bran peptides have been shown to reduce venous blood clotting. They have also been shown to have a localized effect on the hemodynamic properties of blood vessels and to increase blood supply to the superficial tissue of the eyelids. This means they help with circulation and distribution of blood flow, avoiding clotting and dark circles. Moreover, these two peptides have been shown to inhibit elastase and collagenase, which degrade collagen and elastin in the skin, thus helping the skin retain its natural firmness.

Cheers to clear, glowing holiday skin!

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