Behind The Scenes With Lauren and Lisa Goldfaden

“There are so many benefits to working in a close family business, chief among them being trust and agility. Having control of the business and easy access to one another allows for fast critical decision making with an implicit shared mission that has the best interest of the business at heart.” Lisa Goldfaden

Learn more about the two women driving the success of Goldfaden MD

What is one standout quality you each see in each other? 

LW: I hit the jackpot, literally. One of the best things about having the right partner is your ability to divide and conquer, to understand each other’s limits and support one another’s strengths and weaknesses and that is just the base of Lisa. I don’t think i can land on just one thing that stands out to me from her because i know that i (and our brand) would not be here today if it weren’t for her passion, dedication, inspiration and drive. 

LG: Besides being my sister-in law, business partner and best friend, her work ethic never ceases to inspire me.  She is a positive and strategic problem solver as well as creative minded. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her vision and she inspires me to be better at my job. 

What are the best decisions that you have made in your careers thus far? 

LW: I would have to say that this answer is two-fold: 1. Moving out to Los Angeles as it has opened up the ability to grow and connect in ways that were not possible while trying to run our business out of Miami and 2. Never accepting NO. I always pocket a “no” with “not now” and it has always proved us right – either in the form of a work relationship, partnership or collaboration. Sometimes, it’s all about the right timing.  

LG: Leaving my prior career in education to help start and grow our brand. I also know we choose the exact right time to launch as there were no other brands like us. This was risky in the sense that we couldn’t be certain the market was ready for our brand and DNA. We wanted to and have bridged the gap between high performance and natural plant based products. 

What are the worst? 

LW: Disclosing a launch plan to a retailer prior to it actually happening and it ruined a potential partnership with them at that time; i’ll always remember that as a lesson to be careful with your words and pivot to adjust to the audience that you’re speaking with! 

LG: I don’t “do regret”  in life because every bad decision is a learning experience. I’ve learned to value my own opinion and decision making skills. 

In what areas do you want to see women progress in 2020?

LW: More women in C-suite positions! 

LG: Government and the continuation in media/social images and messaging.

What’s your advice to women trying to make an impact in their career? 

LW: Find something you have a passion for, as that is the key to ultimate personal and professional success as it is what truly shines through in every aspect of your work, relationships and beyond. Be willing to try things you secretly think you may not be able to do; it’s about making mistakes along the way and learning from them. For me, making mistakes is the only way to truly learn what you are able to accomplish, adapt and grow through them.

LG: Be true to yourself and don’t change to try and fit a stereotype or specific roll.I also think finding a mentor or surrounding yourself with other women who you look up to can be very beneficial. 

What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you? 

LW: I think the greatest challenge for women in the generation behind me will be achieving work life balance; it’s always a struggle – no matter if you have children and a family or not. Leadership does require some sacrifice – mostly in the personal life standpoint –  and I hope that the women behind me will be able capitalize on the work that has been accomplished by previous generations of women without sacrificing so much of their personal lives. 

LG: I think the women in the generation behind me will still be challenged by a  lower pay rate than male counterparts. They will have to continue to push for equality. I also agree that the work life balance will continue to get more challenging for this generation of women. 

Which women inspire you the most and why?

LW:  I can truly and honestly say that I am most inspired by the women that surround my life – from both a personal and professional standpoint. Every single woman in my life is juggling so many things, are all multi-taskers and do it all with such grace. These are the women that inspire me beyond what I could never have imagined on a daily basis; It’s the people that touch you and surround you that can often inspire you the most. 

LG: Of course I am inspired by women making important changes in our world, but I am most inspired by kindness, patience and hard work-which is found in women all around us.

What is your self-care routine?

LW: I try to maintain a well-rounded wellness routine that consists of regular exercise, sleep (8 hours a night), a balanced diet, treatments when i need them (i.e. acupuncture, massage), and meditation. I don’t always get it packed into one day or even a week, but I do my best to find the balance and fit it into my overall lifestyle. I also push myself to always see the bright side of things as there is nothing worse than negativity! 

LG: I exercise daily, eat a clean keto based diet, practice intermittent fasting and take a lot of supplements. I try to get as much sleep as I can. My skincare regimen is pretty simple, I wash with our Pure Start cleanser and Doctor’s Scrub followed by our Brightening Elixir Serum and then a face oil (either our Fleuresence oil or Cecilia Wong’s Strengthening Serum). I always moisturize my entire body the minute I get out of the shower with a special bespoke Body Oil created by Cecilia Wong. I try to practice patience and kindness with myself as well as everyone around me.  Life goes by very fast and I want to be the best version of myself.


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