A Q&A with the Lovely Ladies of Gee Beauty


We sat down to talk about beauty and inspiration with Natalie & Celene of GEE Beauty:

1. What do you do? And more importantly, why do you love what you do?

We are the co-founders of Gee Beauty (along with our partners Miriam Gee and Stephanie Gee). We have beauty studios in both Toronto and Bal Harbour Florida. We created the concept of a modern makeup, brow and skincare studio which offers clients a fresh approach to traditional, time-consuming beauty and grooming routines: time-sensitive, effective and highly result-driven treatments, coupled with the highest level of care and service, in a modern, chic and inviting studio. We love what we do because of the connections we build with our clients. We’re able to bring them the very best of beauty from around the world, and tailor it to fit their individual lifestyles. And we love the glamour, excitement and innovation in our industry. Each day brings new creativity and a new way consider our clients and their needs.

2. Who is your beauty icon?

There are so many women who we admire for their beauty both inside and out, but we’d definitely have to say first and foremost Miriam Gee, our mother. Her sense of style and her strength is so inspirational, and her luminous skin radiates from the inside out. And of course Beyonce! Her drive, talent, fearlessness, creativity and sense of adventure with her look keeps us wanting more. Plus she never looks tired!! We want her secrets.

3. What is one beauty product that you always carry with you in your handbag?

Celene essentials: Gee Beauty’s Angelina lipstick is the perfect creamy nude with a touch of pink, and a travel size of Le Labo Labdanum 18 perfume.

Natalie’s essentials: Oribe’s Impermeable Anti-Humidity travel spray, Gee Beauty’s Bare lip gloss and Coal black pencil liner.

4. Describe your typical morning beauty routine.

Natalie’s morning beauty routine: I like to layer 2 masks in the morning – 1 for clarifying effects and 1 for hydration. I follow this with a vitamin C serum plus a hydrating serum that I can use around my eyes as well. I finish eye cream and SPF always.

Celene’s morning beauty routine: since I like to do a more reparative night-time skincare regime, I like a light face wash followed by a vitamin C serum and a hydrating serum. Once a week I’ll do a brightening mask and I always apply a primer before my makeup.

5. What is a quote you live by?

Natalie: If you have a body you’re an athlete – Bill Bowerman

Celene: You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have – Oscar Wilde

6. What is your favorite Goldfaden MD product?

Natalie’s Favorite: I love Doctor Scrub because of how smooth it makes my skin feel. I can see how its helped minimize my pores too with twice a week use.

Celene: My favorite Goldfaden MD product is definitely Bright Eyes. It’s in my daily regime because its so effective – it feels light yet firming, brightening and helps de-puff. I’m like a connoisseur of eye creams and this one is at the top of my list!

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